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Bringing the Outside In


This short film project came about as a response to the Coronavirus lockdown 2020. We wanted to bring the outside world closer to residents in care and residential homes. We created a series of short movement sessions and relaxation practices to help older people look after themselves both physically and emotionally. This project was kindly supported by the Community Foundation for Northern Ireland through the Corona Virus Community Fund.

Below you will find 14 free sessions for older people – 7 meditation sessions focusing on mindfulness and 7 movement sessions to help older people cope with the effects of lockdown on their minds and bodies – ideally one of each for each day of the week!

You can also watch introductions from Veronica Ellis who runs Mindfulness Connected Learning who has specially designed the relaxation sessions and Jennifer Greenlees who specialises in movement and stretching. Please feel free to use as many of these as you can.

You can also watch a short introduction from both Veronica and Jennifer to explain a little about themselves, their backgrounds and their hopes for this project.

Movement sessions – choose between:

• back & lower back

• feet & ankles

• hands & wrists

• head, neck & shoulders

• legs & balance

• whole body

• heart & circulation

Relaxation sessions – choose between:

• breathe into restfulness

• relax your body, rest your mind

• planting seeds of happiness

• sending & receiving love

• mindful eating / chocolate bliss

• taking care of myself sound bathing


If you’d like to commission a project with esc films or would simply like to know more about our work, please get in touch with us. We’re always very happy to discuss new projects.