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film as therapy: bringing the outside in

Jennifer Greenlees – an introduction (2020)

A few words from Jennifer! “My name is Jennifer Greenlees and I have been practicing yoga since 1993. My first teacher was in her 60’s and looked so amazing. She was in such good shape, flexible and moved with grace. I thought I want to look like her when I get to her age. Life has been a real journey for me and I have had my yoga practice with me the whole time. I have adapted it to every stage of my life and hope to continue into old age.”

“It is so good for anxiety, stress, blood pressure, the heart, circulation, balance, loosing weight, aches and pains etc etc. I truly think it’s the best medicine.”

“When I was living in America around 2005 I was doing massage and teaching yoga to a friend, Judy, who worked as a film maker. She asked me if I would be interested in making some yoga videos. We picked 2 different groups who we thought would benefit from yoga practice and stretching. Beginners and seniors. At that point I had developed a chair yoga method but hadn’t taught it to seniors. So my friend Judy invited me to New Jersey to practice teaching yoga to seniors in a residential home near where she lived. I was quite nervous but it turned out to be so much fun and so rewarding. The most challenging part I had was speaking loudly (in a soft voice) so that people could hear me. I think they liked my accent too. Since then I have really enjoyed teaching yoga and doing massage for seniors. I know they enjoy it so much. I love making Gentle chair yoga videos for people to follow safely at home. I have loads on you tube. I love hearing how my students look forward to getting the videos and how much it improves their day. I feel so grateful that I can be of service particularly at this time during isolation.”