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esc films’ work aims to create real and lasting change for the people we work with – whether that is companies, organisations or individual participants on our programmes. As each project is bespoke and designed around the needs of the client or participant, the impact is different for each person.

For some of our clients, the impact is that the film we created with them drives more people to their website, or motivates people to seek help from their organisation. We have encouraged people to fill in a vital childcare study online, helped healthcare staff to learn about a new method of counselling and basic insights into dementia care, and given university staff the skills to work more sensitively with service users.

Participants in our therapeutic film-making courses experience the most profound impacts. More detailed information can be found under our Second Chance for Change programme, but as an overview:

Participants experience:

  • Improved mental health
  • improved relationships
  • Increased self esteem
  • Reduced social isolation
  • Reduction in self harm
  • Reductions in substance abuse
  • Reduction in re-offending

Health Trusts experience:

  • Improved engagement with staff
  • Increased trust between staff and patients
  • Reduced crisis admissions to A&E
  • Reduced out of hours phones call and callouts.


We work together with our partner organisations to monitor change and evaluate each project.

It is essential to choose the most relevant measurements to use. We have worked with:

  • Lifestyle Star (relevant strands)
  • Social Tracker Model
  • ASCOF (Adult Social Care Outcomes Framework)
  • MOHOST – Model of Human Occupation Screening Tool
  • SROI (Social Return on Investment)

A wide range of pre- and post psychometric tests including:

  • Rosenberg’s Self Esteem Scale
  • Goldberg’s General Health Questionnaire
  • Birchwood’s Social Functioning Scale

More detailed monitoring reports for any of our projects can be requested from

NB. Participants’ information and identity remains confidential.

“I was very pleased with the work that esc completed for us on podcasts. We were very pleased with the final product and the extent of understanding that their staff developed in respect of our work, which in turn significantly improved the quality of the work.”

- Paul Oakes, Manager of the Advisory Services Team, Equality Commission

“Working with esc films was a breath of fresh air. Here is a company that takes the time and effort to ensure they truly understand what you need, supports you in the moment and produces fantastic results.”

- Pam Hunter, former CEO of NEXUS NI

“esc films hit the nail on the head with videos and podcasts for our new website. The videos will be very useful both in making what we do much clearer for candidates and prospective client companies, as well as a celebration of our journey to date.”

- Sharon Didrichsen, Manager Specialisterne NI

“I’ve been able to see the immense value this project has been for the patients …in terms of closure on their traumatic experiences.”

- Dr. Christine Kennedy, Consultant Forensic Psychiatrist, BHSCT

“It’s good to see a service which is fitted to the needs of the patients, rather than the patients having to fit the needs of the service.”

- Dr. Maeve Largey, Consultant Psychiatrist, BHSCT

“As the group went on we built trust. Confronting the traumas in life has helped me to heal from the traumas. It was just a great experience.”

- Participant

“In terms of therapeutic value, it’s been of great benefit to me. I would put it on a par with sessions I’ve had with my psychiatrist. It’s been very beneficial. It made me think a lot.”

- Participant

“I got a lot off my chest by writing down my feelings.”

- Participant

“It’s made it easier for me to grieve.”

- Participant

“I’ve written instead of self-harming. I’ve swapped blood for ink.”

- Participant

“I feel I can connect with others in the group – I’ve never felt that before.”

- Participant