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Mickey B Education Pack

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Unlocking Shakespeare is an educational resource developed from extensive research with both young people, students and teachers. This resource will help people re-evaluate their attitudes to Shakespeare through the contemporary context of prison culture.

It is designed to engage young people in creative learning, especially those who are switched off from education and learning. It is designed to meet the requirements of the Northern Irish CCEA Drama KS3 Learning Outcomes but is also relevant to other curricula including English and Media Studies.

Mickey B, the prisoners’ interpretation of Macbeth, is the key to unlocking Shakespeare.

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What’s in it?

  • DVD 1 – the feature film. An award winning 62-minute prisoner adaptation of Macbeth called Mickey B.
  • DVD 2 – all the educational materials to support an understanding of the film from a writer, actor, designer and director’s point of view.
  • Introduction by Tom Magill, Artistic Director, ESC and director of Mickey B.
  • The script of Mickey B
  • 5 minute film summary of Mickey B – the story told in 14 actions
  • 7 main character storylines on film –told from each main character’s point of view.
  • Unlocking Shakespeare – 6-14 sessions of practical drama-based workshops laid out in six clear and accessible worksheets.
  • Introduction to Mickey B by Professor Mark Thornton Burnett, Renaissance Professor of Literature at Queen’s University Belfast
  • The social impact of Mickey B by Professor Phil Scraton, Professor of Criminology, Queen’s University Belfast.
  • Additional workshop materials in PDF format.

Who is it for?
The pack is primarily for youth workers and teachers who work with young people, especially those who have switched off from education and learning.

How is the pack organised?
The education pack is organised into the following sections:

  • Establish the baseline – identify where the group are right now regarding Shakespeare and Macbeth.
  • Agree the story – breaking down Mickey B into 14 actions
  • Understanding the story and then bringing it to life from a writer, actor, director and designer’s point of view.

How do I know that the pack works?
The exercises in the pack are based upon the process we used to create Mickey B with long-term prisoners in a maximum-security prison.

What do the exercises involve?
The exercises are practical and creative. They encourage the students to become writers, actors, directors and designers producing their own versions of the Macbeth story. The exercises are based upon learning through doing and value the student’s own experiences as central to the creation of the work.

Funded generously through the Arts Council of NI.

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