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Mickey B – streaming

ESC’s award-winning film, Mickey B, is a feature-length film based on Shakespeare’s Macbeth and set in the fictional Burnam Prison. It tells the story of one prisoner’s quest for power through betrayal, violence and murder and the insanity and death that results.

Mickey B is now available to rent on the Vimeo On Demand platform for just £3.95 or to buy for £9.49 – click here to view.




Mickey B was the winner of the 2008 Roger Graef Award for Outstanding Achievement in Film at the national Arthur Koestler awards for Arts in Prisons.

The film was shot in Northern Ireland’s Maghaberry Prison and features 42 characters played almost entirely by prisoners and prison staff. Prisoners carried out crew work, including set building, painting, continuity and assistance with production, sound and make-up.

The DVD includes the documentary ‘Category A Mickey B‘, which tells the story of how the film was made. It also includes an introduction by the NI Prison Service Director and a bonus feature about the impact of violence on prisoners who grew up during the Troubles in Northern Ireland.