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Mickey B Screenplay


The original screenplay for Mickey B – supplied as a downloadable PDF.

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If you like Mickey B, you can now read the final shooting script!

The 39-page screenplay includes the full text of the film.

Written and adapted from Shakespeare’s Macbeth by Tom Magill, the script was then rewritten into prison slang by Sam McClean and Jason Thompson, giving it a unique edge and a real insight into Northern Irish prisons.

Others think so too. Britfilms was impressed: “The laconic, drawling voices snake the story through each unexpected shocking attack. The brutality of clipped street slang delivered at staccato pace punctuates the monotony of endless prison time. This is a Macbeth like no other.”

The Koestler judge who awarded Mickey B the Roger Graef Award for Outstanding Achievement in Film in 2008 said “This is such an outstanding piece of work, it is clearly in a league of its own. It was breath-takingly powerful. It engaged the viewer from start to finish, with mesmerising performances and narrative. I hope this film gets a wider audience – it deserves to be seen, and on its own merits.”

Format: Downloadable PDF