STORYTELLING – We encourage people to find their voice and tell their stories. This process of sharing stories creates solidarity and support. (Augusto Boal). We create a safe space where people feel free to take risks. Creative risk is the key to empowerment and emancipation (Paulo Freire).

STORYBUILDER – We recognise that many people carry a negative experience of traditional education. This is why we value Socratic Method, (Win Wenger) teaching by asking instead of by telling. We draw out people’s stories using our own Storybuilder.

SAFE REMOTE DIALOGUE & FORUM THEATRE – We create a critical learning environment where teachers learn and learners teach. We recognise the importance of learning by doing (John Dewey). We use our concept of Safe Remote Dialogue, when the groups we work with are in conflict. We believe people have the solutions to their own problems and we often use Forum Theatre to help them find them.

VIDEO FEEDBACK LOOP – We include Video Feedback Loop in all our work. It gives people insight when they can see their own behaviour and performance at a distance on film.

SHAKESPEARE – We believe that we can learn from the wisdom of Shakespeare by updating and translating him for audiences today (Michael Bogdanov). We are convinced through our own and other’s experiences that ordinary people can give extraordinary performances (Ken Loach).