Announcing the new ESC Blog!

A Katie Dwyer J March 7, 2013
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In support of our efforts to keep our broad community updated on the projects, networks, and programs here at the ESC, we are launching an updated blog.  We’ll continue with news updates, but will be expanding to post blogs focused on some of the day-to-day stories that make this organization what it is.  We’re going to be featuring stories from behind the scenes, as well as feedback from participants, audience members, staff, and members of outside organizations reacting to our work.  We hope this will be a place to archive old projects, celebrate partnerships, and to allow a window into the impact we strive for in our community.

The blog will involve these main topics:

  • Profiles: who is involved with the Educational Shakespeare Company, how they got there, and what it means to them.
  • Impact: telling the stories of the clients/participants involved with ESC projects, and hearing what these experiences have meant to them.
  • Behind the scenes: a lot goes into a new screenplay or the development of a program.  This section will involve snippets of these processes.
  • Making connections: we’ve worked with so many organizations doing good work, so this is a place where we can celebrate their methods and build community
  • Reactions: This is where we’re especially excited to hear from the members of our audiences and community: the people who witness ESC’s work and have something to say.
  • What’s up: Where we’ll continue to post news updates and alert you to events.  Stay tuned!

Please use the “comments” section at the bottom of each blog if you have something to say!  If you are interested in writing a blog please feel free to contact our blog intern, Katie D.  You can email  She’d be happy to help with editing or ideas, and we would love to include your voice.  We’re especially looking for Reactions blogs—so if you’ve seen something at the ESC that’s moved you or made an impact, please let us know!

As a final thought, please do let us know if something on the site isn’t working well.  We’re hoping to have new posts here every week, and to create a dynamic space.  So let us know if we’re doing our job!